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Data Science in the Control Room

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We were invited to work with this central energy plant on the ability to schedule an optimized dispatch schedule for the chilled water system.  The great news was the plant was well managed, had a great focus on optimized assets, and had a strong high-quality set of data available.

What makes it difficult for operators is the level of complexity around whether to dispatch the steam chiller or the chillers on the 13.2 kV or 24.9 kV energy tariffs.  Great operators and teams have learned the dispatch strategy needed to make these types of decisions.  The challenge is that the more you peel the onion the more questions you want answered to optimize that dispatch strategy. 

  • Do I know the KW/Ton for each asset in real-time so I can dispatch based on efficiency?
  • Do I know where we are regarding the demand peak, and should I leverage steam to curtail an increase in demand?
  • Have I forecasted my dispatch based on weather forecasts and maintenance schedules?
  • Have I evaluated asset performance data to remove assets with issues from the dispatch schedule?

Operators can’t answer these questions in real-time to drive energy costs down or reduce carbon while also increasing reliability.

BEP and our partner DSA were able to deliver the project for this customer.

BEP Analytics Services

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Smith Engineering

Our sister company helped with the engineering analysis of the plant, assessment of the equipment submittals, and training of the operators.

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