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One Court Square: Meeting the challenge

Payback in less than a year

Property Overview

One Court Square is a 53-Story skyscraper that spans 1,400,000 square feet and owns a prominent place in the skyline of Long Island City in Queens, New York.  The building is part of the Savanna portfolio and is managed by Cushman Wakefield.

Project Overview

The objectives were improving energy efficiency, realizing energy cost savings, and enhancing the overall tenant experience at the iconic New York City office building. Savanna’s business plan at One Court Square is focused on repositioning the asset through strategic capital improvements, enhancing property performance, and raising the overall profile of the building. Our team saw an opportunity to improve the value of their customer’s portfolio and modernize the building in a way that both complied with local laws and building codes, and that met tenants’ needs.

  • Annual kWh Energy Savings: 4,448,832
  • Con Edison Rebates and Incentives: $4,703,769
  • Payback Period: < 12 Months

Project Scope

Savanna refurbished the cooling tower and Carrier installed two 1,100 ton AquaEdge® 19XRV Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chillers, variable frequency drives on eight pumps, VFDs on all 4 100% OA fans, and a new Carrier i-Vu® Building Automation System. The solution was targeted to save up to 20% in energy costs per year and deliver improved air quality, comfort, and environmental control for occupants.

BEP Analytics Services

Building Automation

Implemented the Carrier iVu® Building Automation System including the development of all graphics

Implement Performance Optimization Sequences within the building automation system

  • Chilled Water Pump Staging
  • Chilled Water Temperature Reset
  • Chilled Water DP Optimization
  • Chiller Staging
  • Condenser Water Reset Sequence
  • Generate CW reset sequence.
  • Air side optimization (static reset, SAT reset, demand control ventilation, virtual economizer)