Connected Solutions for Chilled Water Systems

Better decisions, peak efficiency and expectations met
Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity

Economics measured by energy savings and maintenance cost savings operations

System Effectiveness

System Effectiveness

Efficiency and reliability are two requirements that work together to meet your expectations

Verified Expectations

Verified Expectations

Measure and verify the optimization of the systems not just on the first day, but every day

Connected Solutions
to Balance Your Energy Assets

Actionable intelligence to increase savings and reduce carbon emissions
BEP Dispatch

Our advanced forecasting and dispatching engine optimizes your Chilled Water plant with sophisticated predictive analytics.

  • Forecasting Demand and Energy Costs
  • Dispatch optimization based on your plant, your assets, and your requirements
  • Don’t sacrifice efficiency or reliability, find the balance you expect from engineered solutions
BEP Fault

Our exclusive way of monitoring systems ensures performance when optimization matters

  • Math is one thing, knowing the difference between Trane CDHF, York YD, and Daiken WME is something else.
  • Finding issues in places you don’t normally see
  • We deliver reliability while saving energy with optimal performance and no compromise.
Connected Fault
BEP Verify

Getting what you expect should be the standard not the exception

  • The challenge with change is that you need to monitor it to stay on course
  • It is difficult to manage what we do not measure
  • Capturing the savings of your investments is the best method to get new investment
Verify & monitor

The BEP Platform

Tailored to your needs, your assets and your plant

Asset Digital Twin​

We start by mapping the unique nature of your plant assets including make and model, energy rate, plant location to real time calculated efficiency and run times. ​

Predicted Dispatch​

Our machine learning models help us predict the load from 1 hour to 14 days in the future. Then our predicted dispatch engine matches our forecast to the most optimized dispatch based on energy costs or carbon.​

Real Time Recommendation​

The system identifies to the operations staff the recommended dispatch for the current hour of operations ​

Monitoring Actions​

The solution recognizes things may not happen as prescribed, so we present the actual dispatch against the recommended dispatch to help understand the results.​

Changing Perspectives​

To help operations team understand the impact of decisions we present the financial cost per hour and per ton to provide to provide support on the cause and effect of deviations from plan.​

Plant Efficiency​

In real time we calculate the overall plant efficiency ​

Plant Energy Load​

Real-time energy focus for the monitoring of the current and daily demand peaks for electricity, chilled water and steam.​

Historic and Future​

Historical Peak Electricity, Demand Forecast, Steam and Customer Tonnage​

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